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Are u kidding me? Certification? lol Your prices are really funny! Your really

taking advantage of people. Frauds


Dear Paula,

Did you read the top banner? We expose those types of peopleā€¦

Date: 11/01/10 17:02:11
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Subject: Message from website House Clearings
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Subject: House Clearings
As much as I like a lot of the information on this site, there are effective ways in clearing a home. It can be done if you know what you`re doing. Probably the only exception I can think of to this might possibly be Residual Hauntings. I just came off of a three week case that involved ghosts & demons and successfully cleared this location. Unfortunately many investigators think that clearings are not possible because they have not done adequate research.


I am not saying a person can not try to clear a home of ghosts. I feel people do not need to be charged for trying to have their home cleared, also no one should guarantee that a clearing will be successful.  I actually believe a home owner can find all the information to perform a clearing themselves on the Internet. The most important thing for them to do, is that they need to take charge of their home. If one feels smudging, or even getting holy water may help, then they should do this themselves, and not be charged a ridiculous amount of money.
If a investigator goes Into a home, and the client asks about a clearing, they should let them know what they can try to do, even if the team does not believe it can be done, it would at least give the client peace of mind. Fear is the greatest thing for these people, this is what others play on, and this is how they can scam people out of money.
I will not included demons because I personally do not believe in them. Who is to say a demon is not just a very mean ghost who may have been a harsh and cruel person or a murderer  in life. I would think someone like Ted Bundy,  Aileen Wuornos, or someone like Jack the ripper would be the true demon entities, they were what I would call demons when they were alive, so I would think it would carry over into death.  Just because demons are in religion, folklore, mythology, and occultism it does not mean there are actually monster looking horned entities  as some people believe.