Finger Pictures

These pictures were posted here for educational purposes. These are a result of someone’s fingers or part of their hand being caught in the flash.


The purpose of this site is also to be educational. When posting pictures we will always give the photographers their well deserved credit. Our opinions are never based on any personal opinions towards anyone. We show others pictures for educational tools and to give our opinions. We have grown very weary of the deception in the paranormal community and would like to help the general public hoping they do not get taken in by some of the charlatans out there. At times there are those who have made honest mistakes in their claims but it seems many do not want to learn how to use their cameras or they do not want to learn about camera anomalies. . We are not claiming any pictures are ours, nor are we using them for commercial purposes.

Chapter 1: Copyright

Copyrightis law that gives value to artistic works such as photos. A notice or registration is not required but helps in litigation. Fair use is a limitation which permits pubic benefit, private, and non-profit use without permission.For photographers, the main benefit of copyright is the ability to license work for commercial purposes.


Chapter 2: Protect


Photographers can easily register copyrights online and there are ways to protect your photos on the Internet. When all else fails, you can pursue action for infringement.

 Chapter 3: Use

People can use photos in the public domain or for fair use purposes.Commercial use usually requires permission from the photographer and/or therights holders of the subject matter.