Clients Claims

09/25/2011 12:04

When a client makes a claim of apparitions, it should of course be taken seriously. However, its the opinion of many of us that research all possible causes that first these questions should be asked before going any further with the investigation:

Do you hear a voice?
Do you see something?
Do you have a sensation of feeling something or being touched?
How long have you been having hallucinations?
When did the hallucinations first appear?
Do the hallucinations occur just before or after sleep?
Has there been a recent death or other emotional event?
What medications are you taking?
Do you use alcohol regularly?
Do you use illegal drugs?
Are the hallucinations related to a traumatic event?
Is there agitation?
Is there confusion?
Is there a fever?
Is there a headache?
Is there vomiting?

But wait...doesn't that sound like questions a doctor should be asking? Why yes as a matter of fact! These questions were taken from the  website link below in regards to questions that are asked on a doctors visit if one seeks medical attention about hallucinations. The point being, that this should be the first course of action if someone is seeing apparitions. Yes of course, paranormal investigators are not doctors..that is the point. Before calling an apparition a 'ghost', it is important to make sure that the client has first sought all medical explanations. This does not mean you don't believe them..this means you care enough to ask the right questions.



Angela Sangster