Talking about "Orbs" again!

05/14/2010 16:59


 Yep, I am going to talk about "orbs" again!! It still amazes me that people pass off 'orbs" as evidence. I look at websites all the time to check their claims on what they call evidence, and guess what, yep, theres "orbs"!  Orbs in night shots, orbs it the day shots, which by the way, rain drops can look like "orbs" in day shots also. People lets get serious about the way you review your pictures, please. If you do not have anything besides "orb" pictures,  still leave them out of your evidence, your credibility will go further. There is no proven fact "orbs" are paranormal, but there has been may experiments to prove "orbs" seen in pictures are dust, bugs, and other particles.


Since the digital camera came into play on investigations guess what, you got "orbs". I would suggest that you also have a 35mm with you and try an experiment by taking a picture with both cameras, and see what you get. I would also suggest to do research on why the two cameras are different. If you can look around the "orbs" by not calling them paranormal, then keep using your digital, but if not try a 35mm! I know using the digital you get fast results, but if you want to be taken serious about your investigations, use a 35mm, and then pay to get the film developed, or simply stop calling "orbs" as your evidence, seriously.