Phone Photo Apps

 These phone apps have been a major problem in the paranormal community. I have seen so many pictures with these images it is ridiculous. Sad thing is many people out there do not know anything about these applications, so they actually believe these images are real ghosts.  People who use these applications either do so as a joke, or they do so, because they are paranormal junkies, in that have to try to fool others in believing they have caught a paranormal image. 



Wow, really????!!! LOL Check this link out..


Thanks to Larry for these examples.


Ghost Android App


Ghost Camera

Above is BlackBerry


Fear Foto

Not sure of the name of the application

This is a Iphone app



Not sure where these are from yet.


Even an app to slow your shitter speed down.



For some of the photo programs you can search for ghost brushes, silhouette, and even mists brushes. People can also make their own ghost brushes with certain programs, however there are certain ways you can tell if a photo has been photoshopped. Just be real, and don’t fake pictures.