Capture Ghosts??

 Recently a website was found by Kathy Owen. This website says they can capture a ghost and take it to their innovative storage facility, until they find a way to release them into the beyond.. Do I believe this, no way! Are they playing a game with the paranormal community, I have no idea. They will do this for a nominal fee, and they are proud to boast that they have a 100% guaranteed success rate. Whatever!

Now I would like to know what do they keep the "ghosts" in? Am I wrong but aren't ghost able to go through walls? How do they capture them, do they use a vacuum to suck them up, do they have ghost traps, what do they do? How can they prove they caught a ghost if you can not see it? This is all a bunch of bs......

Have these guys watched the movie Ghost Busters too many times? I think they may have!

People, this can not be done, no matter what these people claim. It is another way to make money off of people. We in the paranormal community know this, but people who are searching for help do not. If you know anyone who is seeking help, please inform them to stay away from anyone who charges for their services.

Update: I have sent these guys a email, of course with a false name, and false story just to see if they would answer it. I did not however give them my phone number. Here is the email and their reply:

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Wed, Jun 24, 2009 at 3:01 AM
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Send your phone # along and a representative will be in touch shortly!