There are a couple of things that bother me; one, is someone who seems to try to impress people by using technical terms that most people do not understand so they are impressed, and they believe everything this person says because they are using “large words”.. Their bullshit, amazingly is enough that there are many people who fall for it.. Farfetched bullshit is what I call it…., good grief peop...le actually trying to act like Ghost Busters, really…. Now I am not going to mention names of anyone but has anyone heard of the “Orb Sucker”? Well it was designed to catch “Plasma Orbs”, all I have to say is, are you fucking kidding me? There is a claim that there have been approximately 8 “plasma orbs “caught, again, are you fucking kidding me…. Where is the proof? People are making claims without proof, sorry, bullshit. In a day of everyone having a camera to take pictures and videos there is no excuse not to have good video of the bullshit you are trying to claim. What is the next big thing to buy is the “Orb Sucker”? Good effing grief..

Now, ok I have to admit, at one time I thought there may be a way to help ghost, but damn that sounds so stupid now. I think what it does is make one feel good because they think that have helped in some way. There is no way one can prove they helped anything if there is anything to begin with to help. I have learned and grown in many ways in understanding many things concerning the paranormal. I really think at one time I wanted to believe in much of the bullshit claims people make, it did not take me too long to take things a little more serious. I think over the many years I wanted to believe in the fairy tale claims just like many others. So when I see someone present themselves as a “ghost whisperer “or “Rescuer of Spirits”, I just have to sigh. Just as the claim of an “orb sucker”, where is your proof, there is none….