Speaking Out

I am amazed when someone speaks out about teams who present false information such as calling camera anomalies paranormal they are called a “paranormal stalker” , “a disgruntled paranormal investigator wanna be”, and other names. These people who call people these name seem to want to hide the truth in coming out. If more people would understand camera anomalies then what the hell would these peop...le do? They would lose interest in the community because they would not have a bunch of goofy ass pictures, no not pictures of Goofy, just camera anomalies. It would take the fun out of their dumb ass claims. Damn I always intend on writing something without swearing but oh well, I can’t help myself.
They claim “drama”, well if telling the truth is “drama” well so be it, get over it. Did this person lie with this comment, “For the first time EVER I got contacted by facebook warning me of this nut case!” Really facebook contacted one person to give them information… I mean damn I have dealt with facebook and wow, I mean is this woman privileged that facebook contacted her? How many people are on facebook and they actually contacted one person? Wow is she a princess or something? I think we need to complain to facebook that they are not sending information to all of us, damn not fair.
Assuming information about someone is just wrong I have said this before, many times …. You know what they say about assuming…

This person who she is “bashing” (in my opinion) is not a wannabe far from it….. Assumptions , tisk, tisk… Shame on you!! The wannabes are the people who continue to call camera anomalies paranormal. They have to think they have captures something, in my opinion that is not seeking the truth. They are people who refuse to do research. Pick your damn camera’s up and learn, play with your camera, learn for goodness sakes. Stop being morons because you do not think and use your common sense! This is what most people want; when someone tells the truth, they want you to report them for doing so.. If a person tells ridiculous lies well make sure you pat them on the back and say good job.. This is what most people think because they have camera anomalies as evidence, evidence of what I don’t know, however it does prove one thing, they have no clue in what they are doing.

By the way I think bullshit stories make people fear ghosts… The bullshit stories usually comes from those who are looking for attention.

I want to thank my friend who gathers the information for me.