Yes it is summer and the ghost tours are busy I bet. So far I have seen the BULLSHIT pictures that some of these tours are posting to draw in people who know nothing about camera anomalies, such a shame they have to post non paranormal pictures to draw in people who do not know any better.. Why do they post crap, I don’t get it. Is posting a picture that can be explained a form of scamming people..., well if you take their money because they assume they are going to see what you posted, wow I would say it is on the line of a scam, oh hell I would say a scam. Damn people who are running these tours stand on your feet and just put the building out there for tours don’t post crap to mislead people. If you do not know what you have in a picture you should not ASSUME it is a ghost.. So for those who like going on tours/paid ghost hunts damn people don’t rely on pictures you see.. LEARN what camera anomalies are, play with your cameras, and understand your settings. So simple and hell it does not cost you a thing..