Psychics or Charlantans

I have grown very weary of the claims that psychics have made over the years, and still there are those who believe in the hogwash. This last incident with baby Lisa, when are these people going to stop looking for their 15 minutes of fame. I sat, and watched the psychic, and her son on TV as she made her claim on how she connected her vision with Lisa… She had a vision of a leaning tower, which she then realized it was the Leaning Tower of Pisa, oh, Pisa, Lisa, Pisa Lisa, oh my it was baby Lisa she was having this “vision” about… Wow, are you serious!

"I believe Lisa was found, deceased in the bathtub about 10:30.... She was removed, placed on the carpet where the dog picked up her scent and 'someone' tried to revive her, unsuccessfully,"  Really… the News media is so to blame for reporting this dribble.  In any case, to insinuate the parents had anything to do with their missing child is just a crime in  itself. Now, I know parents are the first ones to be looked at, but that is by police, and their Detectives, not someone living in  Middle Ages, and the Renaissance  eras that believe in the magic of the third eye. We all can make up scenarios at what we feel may have happened, and I am sure many of us have thought she could have been left to play in the tub, where with no supervision, and she drowned. Really there is nothing magical in making guesses.

BOMBSHELL, News media is at fault when it comes to giving these CHARLATANS their 15 minutes of fame. Stop..

For someone to make these “predictions”, and say they are not doing it for fame is hogwash. They, and they alone are the ones who decide to give interviews. So please don’t say you are not looking for fame. Giving information can be done without doing it in public, it can be done anonymously, but I am sure that those who do that are really doing it to try to help.

We have decided to posts the stories we can find on  what damage these charlatans have done, either by giving false hope or being arrested for a scam.

Here us an example:
Sylvia Browne, a very known psychic reader in the US, made a very unpleasant prediction about the possible fate of Shawn Hornbeck. Shawn was kidnapped at the age of 11, in late 2002. Sylvia appeared on TV on the "Montel Williams Show" in February 2003 and told Shawn's parents that he was dead and advised as to where to search for his body, which has led to shifting search team's efforts in that direction. It's painful to imagine how the family must have lost all hope after her reading.
This January Shawn was found alive just miles from his home living with a man who's kidnapped him.
The family of the kid also tells that Sylvia tried to offer more advice at the rate of $700 for half an hour.


This story doesn't make a good reputation to the psychics. Sylvia Browne is famous psychic, appearing on TV, writing books on the subject, who's been many times accused of being a fraud. I don't know enough about doing psychic readings but it surely doesn't look well.

This story can be found at: 



Psychic Defective: Sylvia Browne’s History of Failure


Levy Case a Psychic Failure



"Over 1,000 psychics (some of them with national profiles, including Allison DuBois, inspiration for the hit NBC TV show Medium) gave information they claimed would locate Elizabeth Smart. Tragically, none of it led to her rescue; she was recovered because a couple recognized her on a city street and called police."


Children missing; business burned; local psychic didn’t predict charge


No bodies found in Liberty County home after psychic's tip

"No bodies were found Tuesday at a Texas
farmhouse where a person claiming to be a psychic told officials
multiple bodies were buried, a sheriff's official says."


Self-Proclaimed Psychic, Arrested For Scaring Girl Into Stealing

"A woman who claimed to be a psychic persuaded a 12-year-old girl to steal jewelry from her family and throw it into a cauldron to lift a curse and appease evil spirits, authorities said Friday."


Colorado psychic arrested for telling clients their money was possessed by evil spirits

"Nancy Marks, a psychic from Lafayette, Colorado, was arrested for fraud after telling clients their "money [was] evil" and that she'd take their cursed cash so "the money would suffer" instead. Marks made at least $290,000 using this scam."


Psychic scam a $40 million Fort Lauderdale-family affair, feds allege

"The Marks family claimed to be psychics as they amassed a $40 million fortune ripping off trusting clients, prosecutors say. Sometimes the clan even boasted of having a direct line to Michael the Archangel."




‘Psychic’ arrested in swindle of women

"Police say the scam took thousands from islanders and Japanese tourists"


Psychic Apparently Fails to Predict Officers’ Approach

"Sylvia Mitchell’s next available palm reading will apparently take place in a jail cell, as her own future involves a stack of police complaints that is approaching the size of a tarot deck"