Richmond, Va team and Fraud

One of the biggest problems we are having in the paranormal community is fraudulent evidence. One of the major problems are phone applications. A few months ago we exposed a picture that a team from RICHMOND VIRGINIA had posted as a real picture of a “ghost” solider next to the image of a “real” girl. In December of 2011 we had told this man that the picture was and is fake, but our comments were deleted and the deception continued. Now in April of 2012 the picture of the phone application was found by Larry of Debunk Paranormal. The information was presented to this man once again and it seems his response is the same as the last.



For the record this man claims he is certified, teaches classes and has a radio show. For one anyone who claims they are certified, walk away from them, and find another team.  Anyone who says they teach classes, for me, I would walk away. Good grief, anyone, I mean ANYONE can have their own radio show, and it does not give them any credibility what so ever.



To the clients looking for information and help, please make sure you get every bit of information on a team before you ask anyone to come into your home. These people who continue to present fraudulent information does not help anyone