Exchangeable image file format (Exif)

05/07/2010 22:37

EXIF information will show, type of camera, shutter speed, flash on or off, time and date of picture and other information. Posting this information will help you understand what your settings were at the time the picture was taken, and why you got the results you did in most cases. If you are like me I take many pictures and a lot of the times I forget exactly what the camera did, meaning if the shutter took a longer time or if I had the flash on etc. This information is supported by almost all digital cameras and is the true information of the settings on your camera. This is why we in most cases we ask for the original picture, not one that has already been cropped, marked with circles, arrows or if the picture was changed in any way.This also will tell you in most cases if the picture was run through a photo program.

Learn to use your camera and the settings, play with it. Before you make a claim that your picture has paranormal activity please learn how to use your camera. Spirit lights, energy lights, rods, or whatever you may want to call them, may be just the settings on your camera.

Most photo programs will tell you what the EXIF is, or you can also download a EXIF program.

Here are some links that may help or do your own search.