Pareidolia and Matrixing

05/08/2010 16:55


 When judging your pictures there are many thing you have to keep in mind, two of them are Pareidolia and Matrixing.

Most cases I have seen of matrixing,  was caused by enlarging a picture until you see objects that look familiar. It is our mind’s natural way to see things we know. In pictures I have seen with matrixing, as of lately, they have contained faces that do not look like a human but look like cartoon figures or monsters at best. These are not paranormal images as a few people seem to believe, it is their imagination at best. When enlarged, pictures of a forest, fields, fire, mirrors, glass and even a closet filled with items, they may seem there is paranormal activity happening. In these types of pictures we will perceive them to contain faces, skulls, demons, and other things that are not really there. In a forest it maybe a collection of different things, such as, shadows, sun, tree limbs, leaves or even a bird in a tree that mesh together, and create a image.

When I look at a picture I feel there is a difference between Pareidolia and Matrixing, although others do not. Pareidolia for me is not the changing of a picture but pareidolia is what we see when looking at the moon and we see the man in the moon. Pareidolia is clouds that take on shapes which we know, such as, animals, faces, and other things that are familiar. Pareidoila may be in a untouched picture you take, and if you see a object that you think maybe paranormal, you may want to go back where you took the picture, and make your own judgment. I looked at a picture today of Gettysburg where you would swear there was a apparition of a man, but the man who took the picture explained that is was only a part of a large rock and a tree stump. The picture was untouched, not enlarged, but it sure looked like a man just standing alone, but it is an example of pareidolia.

Here is my example of pareidolia.The leaves, sun light, shadows and trees have formed a face.