05/09/2010 02:56


I have seen pictures similar to this one that one of the so called "Certified" teachers called it a vortex. This is actually a camera strap. In the next picture you can see where the strap did not get hit with the flash.

Another picture of a camera strap with a hair strand



What is a vortex (paranormal)? 

vortex is considered in paranormal theory to be a spiraling column of light.

The vortex is believed to be a portal through which spirits enter the physical world from the spiritual realm to appear as either orbs or apparitions. Vortexes are typically white, but can be red, blue, or green when intense levels of spiritual energies are present.

Despite many claims of photographic evidence of vortexes, some skeptics argue that photographic artifacts like an object close to the camera could cause such visual light in photographs. ( Information found on Wikipedia)