Certified Ghost Hunters

 I would like to talk about the scam of people offering others to become a "certified Ghost Hunter". The reason I call it a scam is, there is no such legit certificate to be given out. This is a fast way for people to make money off of people trying to get into ghost hunting, they are charging any where from 99 dollars to 400 dollars. The people who offer these lessons are not certified themselves although they say there are, all they have a worthless piece of paper that says the have been certified.

These people should be stopped for giving false certificates saying people are certified. A certificate for completing a lesson is ok, but they can not give you a certificate that calls you a "Certified Ghost Hunter", when there is no such thing.

What I find is funny, is that when I have gone to these "teachers" website's, their evidence should be thrown out the door! Orb's, mists and pictures with long exposures, nothing that proves paranormal activity.

Pictures that are blurred only prove the camera is set on the wrong setting, these are not proof of the paranormal. What people need to do is search on the Internet and learn to understand their camera. Understand what may have caused an object in your picture, camera straps and hair are two objects people freak out about when they see them in their pictures, no not paranormal. I have found some of these people telling others these are vortexes!

My concern is if someone searches the Internet for help and they come upon two sties, one that says, certified ghost hunter and one that does not, which do you think they are going to choose if they have no idea there is no such thing as being certified. It is my hope that paranormal teams will start posting this information on their website so we can spread the word.