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Clients Claims

09/25/2011 12:04
When a client makes a claim of apparitions, it should of course be taken seriously. However, its the opinion of many of us that research all possible causes that first these questions should be asked before going any further with the investigation: Do you hear a voice? Do you see...

What Does Fame Have To Do With Paranormal Research?

09/25/2011 12:01
  What Is Fame?   The dictionary defines it as "The condition of being known or talked about by many people, esp. on account of notable achievements".  But what about the condition of people who form opinions and make choices on the basis of someone else's simply because...

Psychics Charged in a $40M Fraud

08/21/2011 09:47
        Fortune-Telling Family Charged in $40M Fraud   Ten Fort Lauderdale psychics charged in "Operation Crystal Ball"     By Brian Hamacher Wednesday, Aug 17, 2011   NBC Miami   Federal prosecutors are predicting lengthy...

What is this?

07/27/2011 12:26
  What is in this picture, well it is nothing more then a smudge on the window. Similar results can happen when your lens is dirty, so make sure your lens is clean.    

Water Fight!!! Orbs....eeek!!

07/25/2011 12:19
Yep the famous water orbs. Look how bright they are, they seem to be lit up with energy. All the energy my flash put out  that is.

Pretty rainbow orbs??

07/25/2011 12:14
This picture was taken through a screen, reflection causing lens flare or is it just the reflection from the screen. To be honest I am not to sure how to exactly call this one, but it is not paranormal.


07/25/2011 12:07
This is a large string from a rag. This is a piece of the rag as it was pulled away.


07/25/2011 11:36
The claim, there was a shadow in the corner of my picture, happens all the time, and it can be explained.  The size of most digital cameras are very small, so  it is very easy for a finger to get in the way of the flash. Here are some examples that can occur.

Spooky Pic

06/01/2010 18:16
  No flash, slow shutter speed, light from monitor, and smoke makes a spooky picture. Nothing paranormal.

Talking about "Orbs" again!

05/14/2010 16:59
   Yep, I am going to talk about "orbs" again!! It still amazes me that people pass off 'orbs" as evidence. I look at websites all the time to check their claims on what they call evidence, and guess what, yep, theres "orbs"!  Orbs in night shots, orbs it the day shots,...
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